Bird sales

All forms are available in Excel or PDF format.
After downloading and executing the file you can print the registration forms, fill them in using the PC or by hand.
When using the PC you can email them to the following address:
You will get a confirmation of your registration. If after 2 days you did not get a confirmation please contact the secretariat.
If you do not have Excel or PDF, you can order the registration forms at the secretariat (Tel. +32 16 696778). They will be send by regular mail.
Désiré Noël
Kapelleweg, 34
2230 Ramsel
Tel. +32 16 696778

V.v.N.K. prefers all payments for the registrations to this year’s show and sales class to be done by transfer on the V.v.N.K. account. However if this would be too difficult for some breeders or would cause – like apparently in France – additional costs, then we will still accept cash payments on the day of the entry of the showbirds, like we did in the past.