Privacy - GDPR

The V.v.N.K. has a register of data of its members, exhibitors, employees, judges and sponsors which contains the following data: name, street, house number, postal code, city and country. For members also an unique breeders number and for the employees their national registry number and if available an email address and telephone number. During the events of the V.v.N.K. sometimes pictures are taken from members, exhibitors, employees, judges and sponsors. Possibly those pictures will be used for the newsletter of the V.v.N.K., the web page of the V.v.N.K. or the Facebook account of the V.v.N.K.

The personal data will be processed by the committee. Every member is allowed to see, to change or to delete his personal data via the committee, as long as it the functioning of the society for this member not impedes (for the use of these personal data see next paragraph).

The personal data of the register of data will be used for the sending of the newsletter of the V.v.N.K. and possibly other communications. They also will be used by members that ordered bird rings to pass on to the federation. The national registration number of the employees on our annual show has to be passed on by the V.v.N.K. to the RVA.

The V.v.N.K. doesn´t provide the personal data to third parties, irrespective whether they are natural persons or companies.

Members leaving the V.v.N.K. have the right to let their data delete from the register. This with the exception of members that ordered bird rings for European birds. According to the Flemish law their data will be stored in the archive for 5 years.