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 VvNK - Geel
Vereniging voor Nieuwe Kleurkanaries • Geel vzw
47st International Colour Canary Show V.v.N.K. – Geel
6th – 7th November 2021
Under the auspices of the C.O.M.
GC Klein Boom
Mechelbaan, 604 - 2580 Putte
 VvNK - Geel
The registration fee is 3,50 Euro per bird. Every registered bird has to be paid. The full registration amount is preferabl to be paid on the V.v.N.K. account BE12 8508 4092 1892 (SWIFT code NICABEBB), and this before Wednesda October 27th 2021. 
Registrations are preferably done online via and can be modified until Tuesday October 26th 2021 at 23:59. Registrations that are sent in by mail dont get confirmed upfront, modifications can be reuested by phone until Tuesday October 26th at 18:00. 
All forms are available in Excel or Pdf format.
After downloading you can print the registration forms, fill them in using the PC or by hand. When using the PC you can email them to the following address:
If you do not have Excel or Pdf, you can order the registration forms at the secretariat:
Désiré Noël
Tel. +32(0)16 696778
The forms will be send by regular mail.

Download registration forms

2015-VvNK-Show-Reglement :: pdf bestand 2015-VvNK-Show-Reeksen :: pdf bestand 2015-VvNK-Show-Inschrijvingsformulier enkelingen - pdf bestand 2015-VvNK-Show-Inschrijvingsformulier stammen - pdf bestand
2015-VvNK-Show-Inschrijvingsformulier enkelingen :: excel 2003 2015-VvNK-Show-Inschrijvingsformulier Stammen :: excel 2003 2015-VvNK-Show-Inschrijvingsformulier enkelingen :: excel 2003 2015-VvNK-Show-Inschrijvingsformulier stammen :: excel 2010
You can use Adobe (R) Acrobat (TM) Reader to view the attached documents. This program is available free of charge through:

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